Sunday, October 01, 2006

Designing, Creating and Learning!

While I was waiting for my Monthly Club Digital and my DSU information for October, I created a little Alpha to go along with my Flutterfly Page Kit. Learning how to make these little patches, I think, was a great venture. I am not sure when I will put them in the store, but I have them made! My first Alpha!

Whats happening!!!

Things are moving on! I caught up with Tracy Rivera this weekend over at DST and landed a position on her Creative Team. She is a fantastic designer over at Scrapbook-Bytes and I have been eyeing her kits for a long time. I have already posted two layouts for her and I can see that I am really going to enjoy being part of her team. She has 7 other AWESOME CT members. Here are the two that I did today using her "Justine" kit available in the store at Scrapbook-Bytes:

I will sleep good tonight because...

I KNOW I won't have to worry about my DH jumping on the bed with a machette! OH, Tink! That was a wonderful story!

Seriously, I'll sleep good tonight knowing that my Mom is finally seeing some happiness in her life. She moved out of the house she was living in with her "friend" and is now living with my Aunt (one of her younger sisters). She seems to be happy for the moment, but I know that in time she will miss being right around the corner from my brother and me.

I will also sleep better knowing that my son finally cleaned out the storage unit that he had been using and I won't have to worry about paying the *&$% bill every month!