Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hurricane season we go again. I have lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for most of my life, 39 years, to be exact. I watch the weather channel much more when depressions and tropical systems come across the Atlantic. I mean, you have to stay informed about the weather no matter where you live, but here...where I am...this time of the year is the worst.

Allot of people will say, "I wouldn't live in the path of hurricanes", "why don't you move". Let's consider the alternatives...

Tornados - earthquakes - floods - Fires - snow and ice ...

tornadoes - no advance warning. They just find you!
earthquakes - no way, Jose'
floods - been there before,
fires - I don't relish the thought of everything I own being charred to cinders.
snow and ice - I can't stand the cold and I cannot drive in the stuff!

hurricanes - At least I can sit here and watch them come across the Atlantic and have a reasonable idea of where they are going and how strong the winds will be. Given that - I can decide for myself if I want to pack my most valuable possessions and hit the highway to a safer place or just sit here at home and hold down the walls!

So I live one of the most beautiful places in the USA and when Hurricane season comes around, I get my Jim Cantori and Jeff Morrow fix!

So I am sitting here this morning watching the weather channel to see where TD 4 is planning to go. It formed in the Gulf, just off the West coast of Florida overnight. I also have my eyes on the other two that are making their way across the ocean.

Anyway, we will see what happens this year with the named storms and hopefully...all will be well.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have to admit that I was not really interested in reading any of these books. I am not a "Vampire" person and most books of that nature tend to be too "Bloody" for actually surprised myself when I decided to purchase them. If I had purchased only the first one, I wouldn't have been so surprised but I couldn't stop at just one...I purchased the whole darn set!!

That was two months ago and they have been sitting on my desk, in the box, for the past two months...untouched!

I had some time on my hands last week with the kids being gone to their mothers and I decided, on a whim, to pick up the first book of the collection..TWILIGHT...and I started reading...and I read...and I read...and I read... I could not put the book down! When I finished the book at 1 AM in the morning.....what do YOU think I did? HEH...I picked up the second book.."NEW MOON" and kept right on reading. I think that I may have finally put down the book and gave up to sleep at around 4 AM.

I have NEVER been so consumed by anything in my life! I think and dream TWILIGHT 24/7 now. I thought that maybe...just maybe...if I saw the movie that would stop my insanity. So I purchased the DVD and sat down Wednesday night with my husband and watched the movie for the first time. Well..... Three days and 5 viewings later...the insanity is still here and I am more obsessed than ever! Will this craziness ever end? Is there life after "Twilight", "New Moon", "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn"? Will I ever get Edward Cullen and those GORGEOUS amber eyes out of my dreams? I mean...really....I am a GRAND MOTHER for God's sake!!!

Now, I can only say that I picked up "Breaking Dawn" today and started reading and I had to MAKE myself put it down to get anything done. The worst part is that my family has noticed the obsession! Well...I am waiting....very impatiently....for the next movie...

NOVEMBER 20, 2009



Like I stated in my previous post, I have been busy trying to get some layouts completed. I have challenges over at Scrap Orchard that I am working on and I also have one or two at DSP that I enjoy doing as well. here are a few of the layouts that I have been working on...

Scrap Orchard
And here is one that I completed for Meryl's heritage Challenge at DSP...



I have been so busy scrapping that I must have forgotten my blog along the way! I entered the Trendsetters Contest at DSP. You can find it here in the gallery. I completed round 1 and was surprised to find that I had advanced on to round 2. It was a wonderful surprise, to say the least! Here is the layout that I completed to move into round 2. I cannot post the round 2 photo until the judges have made their decision and it has been announced, but I promise I will post it then.