Sunday, September 30, 2007

Freebie Template

Here is a nice little page template for you all to use! Created this one for my Odds and Ends challenge! Have fun with it!

How do they do that?

How often do you see a layout and ask yourself, "How in the world do they do that?"? I ask myself that question all of the time while looking through magazines and such! So there are several places that I go when I want to learn how to do something new or just refresh myself if I haven't done it in a while.

The very first place that I go is to Ellie! She has an awesome sight with all kinds of goodies for your learning and viewing pleasure! A great number of her tutorials are complex, but this lady really knows how to explain things and usually has a few links to free filters included in her tuts. She is located here!

Another place that I go is to Photoshop Roadmaps located here:
Awesome tutorials to be found here!

Then there is Planet Photoshop! This place really rocks too! You'll see all kinds of tutorials here. Even tutorials on how to make SCRAPBOOKING PAPERS!

Now, if your new to scrapbooking or designing, you will absolutely want to check out the tutorials over at DSP(Digital Scrapbook Place)
I try not to plug to many sites other than 3Scrapateers BUT DSP has the most AWESOME tutorials from PSE to DIP and beyond. You can learn how to create your very first page to some of the most advanced elements. They really have an AWESOME list of tutorials going on here. UM...this is where I began my Digital trek.

Well those are my most frequented sites. I had tons more but when I changed PC's I lost some of them and...well. quite frankly, I just haven't taken the time to look them up again!

Well, Have a great week everyone and Happy Scrappin'!!

Crop Em and Swap EM

CESE is coming up on Monday night and we will introduce "Remembrance" as the kit for next week! Purchase the kit in the store between now and Oct 8th, create Plopper/quick pages with it and submit them to Karen, then when it's will get a zip file sent to you with all of the quick pages that were submitted. Yes!!! All of them! How cool is that?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gearing up for Christmas!

I know it just the beginning of October! But who can resist all of the bright and beautiful things out there in toyland!!! I am gearing up for Christmas, with the help of Teddy, and I have something new in the store over at 3Scrapateers! Christmas Stamps! Here...take a look!

Teddy and I are very busy getting things together. This is just one of the little goodies that we have come up with to tempt you! These are in the store right now for $3.00.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Is it still the middle of the night?

No! It's 6:00 AM and I my Grand-Daughter is just getting up to get ready for school. She walks into the dinning room and looks at me with big brown eyes and says, "Why am I getting up in the middle of the night to go to school, Mawmaw?". Well, it is still dark outside!

We are still on daylight savings time and the time doesn't change until November this year! Since the time changes naturally on its own, it is now still dark outside when she gets up! Why on earth did they change from the other daylight savings time? It's just too confussing for the little ones, not to mention me!

Got my cup of Java Joe and I am getting ready to hit the road! Off to work I go! Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Santa's Little Helper!

My little friend "TEDDY" is getting ready for Christmas and he has this really big bag that he has been carrying around. I'm not sure, but I think he has something up his sleeve for the upcoming holiday season so ya'll better be on the lookout for him!
Watch for him here and at 3SCRAPATEERS starting in November! He might have something in that bag for you!


Here it is! Those of you that view my blog are the first to see it! My newest kit that goes in the store on Wednesday, Sept 26th! It is the NEW Scrap A Deal kit and will be on sale in the store until Oct 3rd for $2.00. Of course, you do not get all of this right away! When you purchase the kit you will get most of what is seen here, including the Alpha...then when you post your layout to the SAD GALLERY at 3S, you will get the rest as a Posting Bonus!

So see you at the chat on Wednesday, Sept 26th at 10:00PM EST. for the introduction then come back to chat with me on Oct 3rd and you will get the coordinating freebie!


I made layout of the day again at Moo Two Designs! What a shock on this one! I promised my good friend, Gloria, that i would create a layout with her new kit "Paper Goods" and when I had th opportunity to get these photos of me and my Grandkids making cookies, it just seemed to go perfectly with the kit! So here it is! There is SO much more to this kit than what I have here and it is just wonderful! MooTwo Designs......Paper Gloria Valverde!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a Winner!

There was one BIG winner at the birthday bash that I do want to mention here (There will be a few more to come)!

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the GUESS WHO contest is the one and only........

Over and above all of the WONDERFUL FREE kits that RRICE won.....She also won
ALL of MY new kits FREE for a year AND
ALL of KIMBERLT STEWARTS new kits FREE for a year!
That was worth sending in a guess for! What did she do to win this prize? Well, we had 25 photos of our FANTASTIC team posted in the forum...all of the photos of us at age 5 and under.
I posted one clue for each person and SHE GUESSED ALL 25 PHOTOS CORRECTLY!!!!!
I will post some more winners as they are announced!
SEE, don't you wish you would have come by and joined in?

Half and Half for Sept. 20 - 26

I am up again for the Half and Half!!!! And I have made the most lucious Vintage kit for all of you! It's called "REMEMBRANCE" and it comes with a complete upper case, seed bead ALPHA! Now, that may not be very exciting to most folks, but I rarely make alpha's, so it a great thing for me. OH..I must mention here that it would not have been possible at this stage of my game plan except for this little thing my Stacey Carlson called an ACTION! HA! Thanks Stacey for the inspiration and the Action!

So....what is a Half and Half? Half of the kit goes on sale in the 3S store on Sept 20th for $2.00. You can purchase the half kit for that price until midnight on the Sept 26th. Create a layout with that half and post it to the 3S gallery. Once you do, you will get the REST OF THE KIT as the posting bonus! In this case, you are looking at a $6.00 plus kit for just 2 bucks!

Here is the preview of the Half Kit that you will be able to purchase in the store on starting at 10.00 PM EST on Sept 20th. :

Now, this really doesn't look like allot of stuff and I guess it really isn't, but this is what you purchase for $2.00! Now, after you create your layout and post it to the gallery, you will get the rest of the kit as the FREE Posting Bonus. Once you have the rest of the kit.....THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL HAVE:


What a wonderful week!

OK...I have been gone for a week....I took a few days off of the BLOG in order to get some things done during birthday week at 3Scrapateers. OMG!!! What a week we had!!!! We all worked so hard, for over a month before the BIG DAY arrived and it was a complete SUCCESS! We were some FREEBIE GIVING fools...Not sure if anyone realizes the full extent of that comment...but the record keeping is in and we gave away almost, as close as we could get to, $5000.00 worth of coupons, gifts and freebies! WAAAA HOOOOO!!!!! And all of that was to our MEMBERS...we didn't get nothin! I am SOOOO excited about that! WOW! but, alas, all good things come to an end and now it is back to the regularly scheduled program!

Happy Birthday 3Scrapateers Members! You deserved it! I am SO looking forward to the next one!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Come join us for CHATS, CHALLENGES, FREEBIES and SOME GOOD OLD FASHIONED FUN! We are celebrating turning 3 and we are doing it in a BIG way! It all starts September 10th! Check the calendar and the forum...I've said it before and I'll say it again...
YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I can't believe that it is September already! Another Labor Day has come and gone! We grilled chicken out on the deck and I had to make two potato salads! One for the family and one for Alana, without the onions. It turned out to be a very good day, sunny most of the time with afternoon never rained though.

The kids went to their moms before I got home from work on Friday, so I didn't get to see them until Monday. With them being gone, it was rather quiet here at home. I managed to get allot done...DH did allot of cleaning and I got some things done on the computer..inbetween washings of clothes!

Lots of things happening in September! 3Scrapateers will be turning 3 on Sept tuned for all of the fun that will be coming up with that! It all starts on the 10th! I have been working on MY stuff for over a month and everyone else has been extremely busy as well.

Oh...and the big news of today is.......ALANA HAS BEEN PLANTING APPLE SEEDS since she got home from school! Geez....I hope something sprouts!!!

Don't forget that Wednesday night...Sept 5th, is Scrap A Deal at 10 PM EST. I am up this week with "Grandmas Garden Gems"!!! There is a FREEBIE just for attending the chat and it coorinates with the kit! Here's the preview. You can get in my store at 3Scrapateers until Wednesday at midnight for $2.00! BUT's only part of the kit! Create a layout and post it to the SAD gallery by midnight on Thursday and you will get the rest of the kit as your posting bonus...FREE.

This is a really FUN kit too! Not only did I make the flowers for you to use, but I also included all of the bits and pieces so that you can create your own flowers, pieces of flowers...etc. So....Hop on by and pick it up for the special price and I will see you all tomorrow night!