Monday, July 24, 2006

A Digiscrap Sale!

Here is a preview of my newest kit in the scrapshop at

and it's on sale right now for $1.99, but only until July 31st.

I really had fun making this kit. Inspired by my Grand Daughter, Alana and her love for pink, purple, and butterflies!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday, July 21st prompt

What is the best advice I have ever gotten.....My dads oldest sister, who was very much like a grandmother to me, had come from Pennsylvania to visit one summer not long after Kent and I had gotten married. She was staying at my mom and dads but would walk over to my trailer every morning to drink coffee with me on the back porch. On this particular day, we were talking about my mother and how she loves to know what is going on in every aspect of your life and is always ready with advice. (another one of my sayings, "I could just scream!") My aunt told me something then that made me almost ROTF, but it was good advice and I have tried to follow it ever since... "Listen to your mother, agree with her every word because she is your mother...then go home and do as you damn well please!" Her point was...don't let your mother run your household. Very well put and promptly taken advice!

Thursday, July 20th promt

I wouldn't say that I was proposed to... My aunt had a birthday party for my uncle that Kent and I popped in at about half way through. My cousin, who is about 5 year yonger than I am was just head over heals for Kent and, of course, latched onto us the minute we walked in the door. After we had been there for about an hour, she finally asked,"so..when are you two getting married?" and my response truely surprised all of us, "December 15th"! Needless to say, we started planning a wedding and went to get rings the next week. We ended up getting married in August, which is another story all its own!

until next time!

Wednesday July 19th prompt

This should be easy because I took DSU 295 and had to do a layout about this! My layout was about My Grandma Voice. The to words that I say the most around the house are "Tater" and "Punkin"! That's my names for my grandchildren. Other around the house words are, Hun, Ya'll, Awesome, Can't think of a thing, Oh my goodnes, Stupid cat, and I don't think so. When I am at work I am apt to say, You make me laugh or It ain't happen'. I have also been known to say a few choice words that I won't repeat here but they are something like, @!*? and ?!*#!! Ha!

Until next time!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Here is a layout that I just completed using my newest kit "IMO Dad".

I love how the flower and the stripe paper look using the curve and the curley ribbon adds the perfect touch to compliment the tag and tie it down.

I did a similar layout of my husband using Lisa Carters curves and Kim Liddard's Raspberries and cream kit. I absolutely love the effect of the curves in a llayout. Everything seems to just flow so much nicer. It's a change for me because I am so use to doing everything in squares and circles!

My newest kit

This is my newest kit! This time of the year, I start thinking strongly about my father who will be gone 12 years in August. This one is done in memory of him and that's why I have named it "IMO Dad". It is made with his favorite colors, navy and sage and I added a flower with curly ribbon. I had to put the curley ribbon in this one because it took so long to get JUST right and I know he would have been proud of it.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Word Art Preview

This is my first try at word art. It should be in the scrap shop sometime this weekend. I am very pleased with how it turned out! The next one will be for Dog Lovers!

Come check it out!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My newest kit in the scrapshop!

This is my newest kit in the scrap shop at digiscrap central. I had fun doing this one and plan to do one or two add-ons for it, as well. I will be starting a challenge on Sunday, I hope, using this kit. I am really excited!! I plan to have the first add-on ready for the challenge as a posting bonus. Too bad I can't do this over at DSP...that would be GREAT!!!

Weird Pets!

Todays prompt is: What kind of wierd pet would you like to own? I don't know that it is wierd but I have always been fascinated with Unicorns. So I think that I would like to own one. If for nothing but the sheer enjoyment of waking up every morning to see it in the yard!

The way my cat has been acting lately, I'd say that he is just a little wierd!
This afternoon when I got home from work, he was chasing chickens in the sife yard! The crazy fool thinks that he can catch question to him is, "Since you don't have any front claws, what are you going to do with it if you do!?"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am now a DESIGNER!!!

I have had the most wonderful week! I was accepted as a designer at Digi Scrap Central and I now have my first kit up for sale at the scrapshop! This is a preview of it! My Tropical Breeze paper pack! I invite all of my friends to stop by the store and take a look around and around the forum at .

I will have another new kit in the store by the end of the week. It is one of which I am very proud. Strawberry-Chocolate Swirl!! It is an ice cream theme page kit with papers, ribbons, frames, ribbon buckles and ice cream cones! I plan to host a challenge using the kit sometime next week and have an add on kit as well. I am so excited!