Sunday, January 07, 2007

Whats New for 2007

I have been working on a few things for the New Year and here is what I have come up with so far!
First, I have three kits in the store at 3Scrapateers. The newest of which is "Grandma's Love" that I uploaded just the other day! You can purchase any of these kits at the 3S Mall here:
And here is the preview of the newest one:

I have also started a new CHALLENGE at 3S. I would like for everyone to come on over and join in... there is always something free for following the prompt and posting a layout! You can find the challenge here: This Challenge runs every two weeks. It's the Odds and Ends Challenge with Carla!
So jump on the train and come along!

Happy New Year!

WOW! What a blast starting out the New Year! I still can't believe that it is already 2007! I hope all of you have had a safe and happy one so far and that it will continue to be that way through out all of 2007.

Hubby and I spent New Year aboard the Carnival Holiday and we had such a great time! This was the first time in 28 years that we have not been home with our family for the big event. It was completely different than any thing we have ever ventured to do! Needless to say, the ship had a BIG celebration on the main champaign (not the cheap stuff) and all of the food that you possibly imagine. There was a live band and they were just fantastic! We danced and laughed with new friends, shared stories of friends and family, sang and just had a blast! At midnight, the ships captain blasted the horn several times and everyone went CRAZY!! An experience that I shall NEVER forget!

Reflections..... Kent and I are so very fortunate to have the life that we do and I thank God everyday that I have been able to share my life with such a wonderful, warm and caring man.
We have been many places and have seen many things but we have always been fortunate in those travels to have found someone along the way to share a cup of coffee with and tell a story or two!

On our last cruise, we met B and W from Dallas. They sat at our table at dinner every night of the cruise and became such wonderful friends to us. We keep in touch through e-mail and are planning another cruise with them soon.

On this New Years cruise, we met some wonderful young folks from North Alabama celebrating life and frienship, as well as a birthday or two!!! One is an artist, Dan, celebrating his 24th birthday! He was kind enought to share some his GORGEOUS sketches with us! Great group of kids just having a wonderful time!

We also met another couple from Mobile celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on New Years Day! They sat at our table at dinner every night of the cruise and we were once again blessed with a warm and wonderful friendship! We are planning a dinner or two with them in the near future(they live just 45 minutes away!).

Happy New Year Everyone and may YOUR CUP be filled with all of the wonderful things that life has to offer!