Monday, August 28, 2006

Mr Personality!

This is my newest kit up in the store at Mr Personality is fashioned with my Newphew, Chris, in mind. He has such a funny little smile that I burst out laughing everytime I open an e-mail from my neice. I can't wait to see him on Labor Day! I am camera ready!

Look another new kit coming soon....Cowboy dreams.... a kit all about a little boys dreams to ride the big range of the old West!

Until then...happy scrapping!


Meg said...


I haven't been by your blog for way too long, obviously! You're a designer!!! AWESOME!! I think I recognize that first one at the bottom of the page, love it! I am so excited for you, what a great summer you have had.

I promise I'll stop by more often, I don't want to miss any more exciting news!

debra said...

Wow Carla! I remember when we first started out in the classes at dsp... We have come along way baby!!...Love the new kit!

debra said...

Wow Carla! Great Kit... I remember when we were first in the classes together at dsp... we've come a long way baby!!

heather said...

Great job Carla!!!