Sunday, June 03, 2007


Well, my very good friend, Terrell, said that I needed to update my blog! LOL! I am terrible at this. I have a tendency to become very closed when it comes to writing. Something I am working on as I type this. I am laughing at myself because as I write these words, I am reminded that I am in the process of writing a JOURNALING class!!!

OK...I do have a few things to say here! I am EXTREMELY excited about a couple of things! First, I found out on Friday that another very good friend of mine, Stacey Jewell Stahl, will be designing and teaching again at the Digital Scrapbook Artician Guild!! Her six months no compete clause is up and she is FREE!!! She is in the preocess of moving this week but, will be online by the end of next week! For any of you that are interested, you can find the Guild here:

Second, I am SO EXCITED to be starting a new class tomorrow! It is a Freestyle Layout class at the Guild. I have been paitently waiting for someone to come up with a class so that I could learn this layout style and it finally paid off! Now all I need to do is find the time to actually sit and create some layouts!

OH...and I bested my sales for the month of May at 3S! YEAH!!!!! My Creative Team is really cranking out the BEST layouts and the exposure is fantastic for me! Now i need to come up with something special that I can do for all of them! The are truely the best bunchof ladies and so creative! They are truely GEMS! I haven't heard from Doreen though. She refuses to use the Yahoo group, mainly because she doesn't speak English very well and it is all very confusing to her. I sent her an e-mail yesterday but no response as of yet.

I didn't get to see Alana and Taylor this weekend. Tiffany is finally able to spend some time at home with them after spending so much time at the hospital with her mother and Greg finally seems to have something steady to earn much needed cash. Mama's bank is broke! My one prayer is that the two of them could work things out between themselves. The kids are stressed and confussed by their seperation and they just don't know where home is anymore. It just breaks my heart to see them in that state of mind.

I finally finished my Down Load A Day for 3S. It will be out July 1st. American Pride and boy is it HUGE. One of the largest kits that I have attempted so far. One download everyday for 31 days! WOW!

I also have the Half and Half again on the 14th. My kit, Sweet Dreams, goes on sale in the store on June 5th and the Chat is on the 14th. I can't post the preview until Tuesday...but it's almost like "Cherish" only it's in blue.

Well, I am off to finish up my journaling class. Thanks for stoping by and taking the time to read my off beat ramblings!


Terrell said...

You HAD to know I would be the first one to post a comment! About time Lady! (neener) It's easy to make layouts for you, you are a wonderful Lady and I adore your kits! BIG HUGS. Post again so I can come back and leave some more love! BIG HUGS!

Terrell said...

Pssstttt, I am reminding you again LMBO