Saturday, June 07, 2008

I feel so helpless!

I am sitting here thinking that there must be something that I can do but I know that there is not. I am faced with the loss of someone very near and dear to my heart. Someone I love beyond words. Someone who did nothing but spread sunshine and love where ever she went. My brothers only daughter was much like a daughter to me and now she is gone. My heart hurts so badly and all I have done today is cry. My brother is so hurt and sad and it has only just begun.

I am trying to find comfort in my faith and the knowledge that she was a Christian. She believed in God and loved Jesus with all of her heart. I know that she is with him.

Her husband is making arrangements to bring her home so that she can be laid to rest near her family. I have given him the two extra plots that I have at the gardens. At least that is taken care of for him.

Please, if you are reading this, say a prayer for comfort and strength. Not for me, but for her husband, her son and for her mother and father.

Rest in peace, Princess and know that Aunt Carla will love you always.


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Sweet Ms. Carla,

I am crying with you sweetheart as we are NEVER prepared for the loss of a LOVED one (except it be an illness/disease). Sudden death is SO traumatic and I can ONLY imagine how your brother's heart hurts.

There is that period of "surrealness" and then the time where it really sinks in that the person you've had for this long is no longer going to grace you with their "physical" presence, however, they shall ALWAYS remain seeded deeply in our hearts.

Please know that I shall be thinking of you, your brother, sister-in-law, Michelle's husband and son in this time of grieving such a tragic loss.

I can't help but think that Michelle is looking down upon y'all and wishing for you to CELEBRATE her life and to hold tight to the PRECIOUS memories y'all have made together. She will CONTINUE to spread that SUNSHINE around!

I wish I could be there to wrap my arms around you dearest one. There are NO magic words in a time such as this and I shall make sure to treasure EACH day even a little bit more as ONLY God knows when our time on earth is finished.

LOVE, LOVE and MORE love sweetheart,

K2 said...

Jon and I are so sad the hear of this tragedy. Know we're all here for you, day or night. TOTALLY agree with Linda and she said it well. We all love ya.
Mega hugs hon.

Carole N. said...

Carla my heart is breaking for all of you and I am crying along with you as well.

Having lost my beautiful sister-in-law at the age of 22 who left my brother with 3 babies to raise, I can relate to what a loss Michelle's passing will be.

I hope you can picture her in heaven and surrounded by love and goodness. I am sure she is spreading her beauty as she walks with angels.

Know that I am here if I can do anything to help.

Sending prayers for you and all your family as you face the days ahead.

Love, Prayers, and Hugs!

Tracy said...

Carla, I was so sorry to hear your news and feel for you Sweety.Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Hun!!
Tracy aka Ambowife