Friday, January 02, 2009

Dog Days!! I have been working on some things and I walked out into the back yard for a few moments to get a handle on everything that I have going through my head. Buster met me halfway across the patio with his usual happy, lappie welcome and almost knocked me over in his excitement to have someone join him in his realm. Dogs are such wonderful therapy for whatever ails you, so I played with him for a few moments to pass the time.

Now, Buster is not a small dog! He is a beautiful Chocolate Lab and I really can't believe that I wasn't thrilled about having him take up home here. Buster actually belongs to my son, Greg, and he came to live with hubby and me three years ago when Greg couldn't keep him at his apartment building. Now... I can't imagine life at this house without him!

Anyway, as I watched him trot (and I do mean trot) around the yard, I was reminded of a layout I had created of Buster several months ago and that reminded me of a kit that I had created in order to do the layout! Well, I came back inside and sat down at the PC and decided to put some of that kit together as a freebie for all of you. This kit was sold in the store at 3Scrapateers so it is possible that some of you may have it. But for those of you that don't it will be a nice treat!

Here is the layout that I had created of Buster....It's plain and simple....just like me!

And here is the freebie that I put together for you!

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Now go have a Safe night and a wonderful day tomorrow!


CaliChris said...

Thank You for the remender that I have this kir...I also have new doggie pictures...I LOVE this kit...Thanks Carla

beulahmom said...

This is a really cute kit. Thank you!