Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kenny Chesney LIVE!!!!!!

One of the most exciting experiences in the world is to be at a very "High Energy" concert of one of your most cherished music artists AND have the best "spot" in the house!

First, it all begins back in 2003 when my husband and I had the opportunity to see Kenny Chesney live at the Palace Casino. We had seats at a table right at the stage. At the time, I wasn't that familiar with Kenny except that I knew that he sang the title cut to Jerry Mcquire and that I loved his newest song, at the time, "She thinks my tractors sexy". It was the most awesome experience, then, to sit at the end of that table and watch him sing. I hung on his every word and movement. I have always been a big fan of Country Music (I adore George Straight) but this was the night that I fell in love with Country Music...I fell in love with Kenny Chesney.

I have followed him ever since, purchased every album that he has released and I am even a member of his Official Fan Club. Hell, I even cried when I learned that he had married Rene! When I learned that he would be coming to Biloxi, Ms. (only 50 miles from where I live) I knew that this would be one concert I would not miss. My husband and I have never been true concert goers. We have been married 31 years and had never been to an official concert together...until now. Being a member of his fan club, I was able to purchase tickets on line during the pre-sale...4 days before they went on sale to the public. So, I decided that I would go for the full gusto since it would be an experience of a lifetime for me. I purchased the Floor Tickets and made up my mind that I didn't mind standing at stage level for a few hours. I could do this, I mean, it is Kenny Chesney for heavens sakes! (My husband wasn't really thrilled at the aspect, but then, he is not in love with the guy!) I couldn't have made a better choice!

I have been to a few concerts in my time (just not with my husband) and I thought that no concert could ever beat the E.L.O. concert that I went to with a jerk from work back in the 70's. HEH....Boy, was I WRONG!!! This was, by far, the BEST concert that I have EVER been to and if I am ever given the chance to do it again...I am already there!

Anyway, hubby and I were standing right at the end of the runway and there were about 2 lines of people in front of I wouldn't have been able to "reach out and touch" him but I was close. Heart stopping, blood pounding CLOSE!!! I think that if I were a fainting person, I would have a few times! There was, BTW, one young lady that did faint and had to be carried from the floor. Poor kid..I felt so sorry for her. Anyway... here are some of the photos that I took from my "SPOT" on the floor. I hope you enjoy them and fear not....they will be on a scrapbook page in the near future. Well, as soon as I can either purchase or make the perfect kit to use them with! ENJOY!!


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Lori said...

Great photos!! I am glad you had a wonderful night!! I'm not really a country fan, but can fully understand your feelings. My MIL and I follow Keith Urban around like this (two years ago we even did 3 concerts in 3 nights all around the state of Fla) I heart Keith!