Monday, May 15, 2006

Dunn's River Falls

OK...This looks easy! Please do not be fooled! I have to admit that I thought we would take a few photos of the falls and be able to lounge around in the water and enjoy the you can see by the postcard (yes, it's a postcard. We did not have a water proof camera with us) we actually climbed the falls. The part shown here was the easy part. When you get up a little farther, the falls get higher. We had to plant our feet onto the flat rocks and grasp the larger rocks to pull ourselves up. At times, it was very slick and I took a few falls (no pun intended!). Knocked my shin on the first one and thought I broke my bumm on the other but we made it to the top after about an hour of climbing! WOW...what a rush! It was great and even with the falls that I took, I would do it again! Yeamon, No Problem!

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