Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday, May 19th Prompt

When I was a kid living in Pennsylvania, I lived in the city and there was any number of kids to play with on my block but I remember several of us getting together on the front porch and setting up our Barbie Doll houses and playing for hours. I had a case that held my Barbie and all of her clothes. There were hangers and drawers and my doll was somewhat like me, she had PLENTY of shoes!!! My mother made all of my Barbie clothes on the sewing machine. I remember watching her carefully stitch them and she would ask me about personal choice of colors and fabric, which made it really great. I guess you could say that she was my personal seamstress for Barbie and myself! Mom was also my furniture department...she made my Barbie furniture! I never have figured out how she attached the fabric to the lid of that oatmeal box...?

Our Barbie play would last hours at a time until my brother would come along when no one was looking and totally destroy the Barbie house. I have lived through hurricanes but poor Barbie!!!! Hurricane Danny was the worst!

After that, we would clean up the mess and get out our bikes. I loved to ride my bike. There were days when no one was around that I would take off on my bike and be gone for an hour or more. That would make my mother mad because she would be afraid that something had happened to me. (This was when I was 8 and 9) Kids can't do that now a days for simple fear that they will come up missing...and that's sad, thats so so sad!

Good night!


Zephanee said...

You know, I didn't get a Barbie until I was almost a teenager. My niece had an extensive collection and it was so fun when she brought them over to play. And I had totally forgot about riding my bike. I even named her Bluey. It is sad that kids can't have the freedom that we did today. But that's the best thing about where I live in Germany. It's like the US was about 30 years ago...crime is low and you just don't worry about your children getting abducted or hurt as much. I'm so fortunate to be able to raise my son in an environment that was similiar to my own, in that respect.

loonyhiker said...

Sounds like you had great memories! I loved my Barbie dolls and all the dolls that were like her (her cousins etc.) Nice post!

Rusheika said...

What a cool mom you have! It must have taken patience to make all of those little clothes!

jane said...

I used to make all my own barbie furniture too with my mom and my sister, lol! out of old cusions and pillows, and Barbie always slept in a kleenex box that i made into a bed for her! used to drive my dad crazy cuz it would always be a brand new kleenex box cuz the tissues had to be her mattress, lol!!
It is sad that the world has come to such a place that our kids can't play in our own front yard or on their own blocks without the fear that something will happen to them. Im always worried about my oldest who is 10 and at the age where she wants to go off on her own. Times sure have changed!

Judyy said...

I was a tomboy as a kid (guess I still sort of am), so never had much to do with Barbie and her crowd. But I did love riding my bike--on days when there was no school, we left the house after breakfast and often didn't show up again until the street lights came on--that was our curfew. Kids today miss so much by not having that freedom, but jeez, it's such a dangerous world these days. TFS, Carla!