Friday, June 30, 2006

The end of June!

WOW! I can't believe that it is the end of June already! My birthday is in TWO days! I'm not sure that I want to be considered another year older..47 is not old but somedays I feel like I am 47 and old! LOL!
Today would be one of those days...

Yesterday morning, while cleaning out the cat liter box (yea...its nasty but somebody has to do it!) I moved the wrong way when I was getting up and did something to my back. I went to work and did my best to keep my mind on what I was suppose to be doing, not an easy task. This morning, I couldn't get up! I just could not get out of the bed! Thank goodness my DH was at home! I am feeling much better and my back is not hurting nearly as bad but it's time to go to bed again! Scarry thought!

I had a great day here at the house...Not often that I get to stay at home ( I am not the 'call in sick' type of person) on Friday and have a super long weekend! But I am on vacation for Monday and we are closed for the 4th. Anyway, I did quite a bit of work on the computer. I made a new digital scrapbook kit. Something I have been only dreaming about and finally decided that I needed to get that Dream into motion. I say new but it is actually the third one that I have made. I just did not go public with the first one and the second one I posted as a layout for the Inspiration Class that I was taking. new kit will now be part of the June Mega kit at "Digi scrap Central". (Though I did give it to a few of my bestest friends tonight in the DSP chat room.) I am very excited about this! I can't believe that they are going to put it in the mega kit! AWESOME!!!

Designing? Like I said...something I have only dreamed of doing. Its possible! I mean anything is possible! I don't know that I could ever make some of the things that I have seen out there. Several designers come to mind...Lauren, Meryl, Theresa, Irene and Sandy ( did I mention that I am on their creative team?). But I guess everyone has their own specialty, I just need to find mine! I have thought about doing word art, but I could never be as good as Tina! She is Awesome!Ah, well, I'll find it...somewhere! I do have to thank Meg for the inspiration though. I would have never made a kit if I hadn't taken her class. Well, I guess I would have gotten around to it eventually but just not as soon as I have.
Meg is awesome! I admire her allot! Her class was really great and I truely hate that its over.

I am starting a new class on the 7th. Filters and Plugins over at Scrapgirls. I am looking forward to taking the class but I don't know those folks over there as well as I know the gals at DSP. Geeze...I hope I fit in! Tkaing classes was one of my goals when I started digital scrapbooking. I promised myself that I was going to learn my program and that I would take 1 class every month to do that. So far I have...which remind me...I told Meg I had taken 4 classes but I have taken 5. All of them at DSU. This one that I start on the 7th will be my first away from HOME! I know that sounds crazy, but I really do think of DSP as my home. DSP is where I learned to Digital Scrapbook! As a matter of fact, DSP is the reason that I purchased my PSE program! Anyway, I am not moving away, I actually have signed up to be a mentor at DSP. That starts tomorrow and I am sitting here wondering if I know my program well enough to be a mentor! I think so...I HOPE so!

Oh..yes.. The creative team! I am on the creative team of Sandy Drieschner and Irene O'Niell. This has been since the first of June. When I tried out for DET at DSP and did not make it, I decided to try ut for a Creative Team at 3Scrapateers. Made it! Sandy and Irene are great and the both have some awesome kits. I post layouts for them at pixel-expressions, 3S and at DSP. Irene just made a new kit last week and I really need to get busy making her second layout. Guess I will start on that tomorrow after I get my nails done....for my birthday ..... on Sunday!

Well, I did not expect to write a novel when I came to the blog, but that is what it has turned out to be!

Everyone out there in digi land have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.
Don't drink and Drive and be safe with the fire crackers!

Until next time.....


Tink said...

Congrats to someone extremely talented (whether you think so or not, lol). I will be looking forward to lots of you work in the future.

heather said...

Congratulations on your kits and getting yourself educated on your programme - that is one of my goals too.