Sunday, November 05, 2006

communicating with others

Blog prompt for the weekend at DSP. I am so much more myself when talking to my WEB friends! Most of the folks at DSP, I have known and loved for over a year now and they probobly know me better through my layouts and my journaling than my family sometimes does! Hey..well..they are my family! I have a few other scrapbook sites that I visit and I also have a few things that I have designed in the scrap shop at digiscrap central, but I am not as close to any of those folks like I am the folks at DSP. DSP is where I first got into digital and it will ALWAYS be my first choice for good chat, close friends, and family time on the web!


carinc said...

When scrapping, blogging and doing layouts about yourself and your family, I think it is hard not to let more of "yourself" out. I sometimes enlighten myself about me, funny right?

glynis said...

DSP is 'The Place', isn't it? I've made so many friends there and grown up so much...great to 'see' you around, Carla!! :)