Saturday, December 16, 2006

Something new for the New Year

Wow!! December has turned out to be a wild and crazy month! I have been busy for the past few weeks trying to get my second (FUN) job up and running, Stacey resigned from DSP, Christmas is right around the corner and I am off on another cruise on the 28th!

Thank God for friends! Stacey, even though she has left the ranks of DSP, has been my teacher, friend and confidant for the past few weeks while I have been working on a few kits to submit with my application to 3Scrapateers. I just don't know what I would do without her! Well, I found out Thursday that I was accepted and I am now a new Exclusive Designer at 3Scrapateers! WHOOOO HOOOOO! Yea! I can scream! (happy dance going on here). Of course, Irene is at 3Scrapateers and it is going to be great working with her as a designer. So far I have only had the pleasure of working with her kits while on her design team.

Soo, I have two new kits going up in the store at 3S within the next week or so and I am working on another for after the first of January. Check it out!

This is Loves Letters and is one of the kits that will be in the store before the end of the Month. I am hoping sometime this next week before Christmas.

This one is Garden Rhapsody. The second one to go into the 3S store by Christmas! So come on over to and check out the store!

A curise for New Years! I was blasted away when my DH told me we were really going to go! I mean, my goodness, we just went on a 7 day cruise in May and now a 4 day cruise in December! I guess it's a little Christmas/New Years gift to ourselves! I am shaking at the thought of being on the ship New Years Eve! I just know we are going to have a blast!

Bon Voyage and see you all next year!


glynis said...

Carla, your designs are just beautiful and congrats on making the move to 3Scrapateers...I'm so proud of you!!

DigiBrandi said...

Carla, I just wanted to tell you that your designing is getting better and better each time I see something of yours. This garden kit is beautiful!

loonyhiker said...

Hope you have fun on your cruise. We are going on our 12th cruise and leave on Christmas eve but will get back on New Years eve. Congratulations on your new job!

heather said...

Your designing has gone ahead in leaps and bounds Carla, these kits look FANTASTIC! Congratulations on 3 scrapateers and have a wonderful Xmas and cruise!
(mercerph) Heather

Tink said...

Big congratulations. You have such talent.