Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scrapping Goals!!!

Everyone always talks about setting goals and how you should set realistic goals in order to achieve them. Well, my blog prompt for this week is about setting goals. And so...I have set my scrapbooking goal for the year 2008...that is to say, how many pages do I plan to scrap during the year. I have set my goal at 180 pages for the year, which breaks down to about 15 per month. As of right now, I am right on target! One more day left in this month, and I have two mre to go to make my goal! WHOOHOOO!


Tammy Gary said...

Glad you got updated, when I saw your prompt I thought about not having the babies pictures up and thought I had better get on it!

Sosa's Wife said...

Woo hoo! WTG Miss Carla!! Glad to hear that you are started out on the right track! LOL... I'll be checking back to make sure! :) Thanks for the blog challenge!
Elise (NikosMom)