Thursday, January 31, 2008

February 1st Blog Prompt!

I have lots of photos that I use over and over! It just seems that these are some of the best photos and they go with EVERYTHING! My favorite people to scrap are my Grandson, My Grand-Daughter and my Husband. I did scrap quite a few pics of my Cat, Spider this past year and my mother.

I want to be able, in 2008, to scrap more of these same favorites but I would like to do it with different photos....Guess I had better start taking pictures! I also would like to scrap some more pages of my Dad. He was a very special person in my life and still influences allot of the things that I do. This year, I also want to start a "Book of Us" about me and my DH. This year we will celebrate 30 years of marriage and I think there is allot that needs to be said there.

Another project that I have planned, is a heritage album of all of my family and my husbands.
The story is rather long, but even though I was born and raised in a different part of the country, my husband family and my mothers family lived very close together and knew each other as children and teenagers. They even went to the same schools. Lots of history!

So...Lets get scrappin' !!


Nancy (Pockets55) said...

30 years...CONGRATS!! DH and I will celebrate 27 years next month. Would love to hear the story concerning the connection between your husband's family and your mother's family! How interesting that there is so much shared history! It really is a small world! The new kits are beautiful! I was lucky enough to get the Faith kit through Tammy's Scrapture Challenge. It is a gorgeous kit! I love the frames! Thanks, Carla, and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Sosa's Wife said...

Oh Carla! That would make a great heritage album! Can't wait to see some of the LOs when you start on that project! Thanks for the blog prompt! Great reflections of last year!

Amanda Ann said...

Hello Ms. Carla!!!! I miss you so I tagged you, you have to go look at my blog: