Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Blessed Friendship!

In my last post, I mentioned my new friend, Charlene and said that she deserved a post all of her own. Well, this is it! The question in my Blog Prompt at 3Scrapateers is, "Have you ever been somewhere that you were not sure that you wanted to be, and met someone that instantly became your friend? Are you now glad that you WERE there? Would you have become friends with this person under different circumstances?"
Ahhh....Such is the case with Charlene. Charlene and I met by chance when we both entered the "Last Scrapper Standing" compitition at Divine Digitals. I made a few comments on her first layout and she PM'd me to thank me for my kind words. She, at that time, had no idea that I was in the compitition too! This was the beginning of our wonderful and blessed friendship!
Now, I am going to tell you a little about Charlene and I know she is going to see this and want to choke me but maybe she won't mind to much. First and formost, Charlene is a horse breeder and trainer. "After Dark Farms" has breed and reared some of the most beautiful Champion horses that you will ever see! Most times when I hear from her, she has been to a show or has just returned from the stables where she has been tending to a few mares that are about to give birth. She is a lover of animals and animal rights and a very avid supporter of the "Toronto Police Mounted Unit". If you will visit her web site, you will see some of the horses that have been such a big part of her life. You can visit her web site here:

Charlene is also a designer. Not in the aspect that I am a designer but, as you visit her web site, you will see what I mean. Charlene designed most all of the graphics that you will see there. She is also what I like to refer to as a "Graphic Layout Artist". In my business, which we all know is scrapbooking, that means that she creates digital layouts. Charlene has created some of the most beautiful layouts that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing And I would LOVE to show you some of them! Let's start with the layout that brought the two of us together!
To show how committed she is to the Toronto Police Mounted Unit, Charlene also created this tribute to a Police-Horse(if you will) named Brigadier. If you would like to learn more about Brigadier & the Toronto Mounted Unit, you can go to Anne De Haas' excellent blog at

Getting back to the question at the beginning of this post.... Am I glad that I was where I wan't sure I wanted to be? YES! I would not have met Charlene at this point in my life if I hadn't been there! Would we have become friends under different circumstances? Well, this is what I believe....Wherever you are at any given moment in time, is right where GOD wants you to be at that moment. EVERYTHING happens to us for a reason, though sometimes that reason is not clear, it will become more clear as time goes on. So...given that....YES, Charlene and I would have become friends no matter the circumstance. Our friendship is blessed and she has been a blessing to me. She has given me encouragement when I needed it the most. She has lifted my spirits when she didn't even know that I needed a lift and she has given me inspiration with her creative talents, her stories and her genuine love of life. Even though we live thousands of miles apart, it's as though we are right next door and there is a little bit of Northern Sunshine in South Mississippi.

Now, I will leave you with some more creations of my good friend, Charlene. Oh, and one more thing. Charlene rescued a baby skunk last week and made that little guy famous. He is now recorded as the first baby skunk rescue of the season! Perhaps soon, I will be able to share some photos of the little guy. She did send be a few but for the life of me I cannot find them anywhere! (I think my DH has been messing with my e-mail agian).

If you would like to see more of Charlene's beautiful creations, please visit her gallery at Divine Digitals located here:

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