Sunday, December 17, 2006


For the longest time, journaling on my scrapbook pages scared me to death! I knew all of the know..the Who, What, When and Where and even the Why, but I was always at a loss for exactly how to say what I wanted to say! I am sure that everyone, who is not a journalist, that does any scrapbooking at all has had this problem. I haven't felt that way in a very long time thanks to a class that I took at DSP. Unfortunately, that class is no longer offered at DSP, but do NOT dispair! There is a place on the web that can help you open your mind and your pen to the joys of journaling. This web site is full of
very helpful information about journaling how to's, whether you are journaling in a daily journal or on a scrapbook page or even in one of those Art Journals that are so popular right now.

So, I ask all of my BUDS that need a little journaling help or inspiration to hop on over to and check out all of the goodies they have there. You might become inspired to do some journaling you never thought you could!

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