Sunday, December 17, 2006

Who is the hardest person to buy for?

UGH..... This question only brings one person to mind! She is absolutely the HARDEST person on my Christmas list and I always tend to wait until the last minute to purchase her gift. Oh..I start looking three months in advance, I just wait until the last moment to purchase! MY MOTHER!!!! Why? We are totally opposite in EVERYTHING! Our taste is different, our style is different...totally opposite. She has everything! She sits at my kitchen bar drinking coffee looking through catalogs and tells me all of the things that she likes and then says "But what would I need with any of that? I don't ever go anywhere to wear it!" So, now the question is... do I buy it anyway and listen to her tell me I shouldn't have because she will never wear it; and she never does OR should I not get it and listen to her tell me a million times, "I showed you all kinds of things you could get me in that book!" (bang-head) What to do...what to do... Mother is the hardest on my list!!! In more ways than one! :)

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Terrell said...

Right now my youngest son is the hardest to buy for. He is pretty much out of the toy stage and is now somewhere in limbo. All he seems to want is the Yu--Gi-Oh cards and video games but I don't want him spending all his time hooked up to electronics ugh! Why can't children come with manuals? We spend all that time in pain during labor, the least that could happen is a manual could come out with them! LOL Have a good day honey and enjoy and be safe on your trip! Oh and Congrats on all of your achievements lately! Can I be like you IF I grow up? lol