Monday, April 27, 2009

A lesson learned....

If the good Lord spares my life until July, I will be 50 years old. In half a century, I have learned many things, one of them today! If you are going to purchase a major appliance, please purchase it from someone that will provide SERVICE when YOU need it!

Continuing the saga of my freezer..... Major Brand named store does not provide same day service. So...the earliest they could come to check the freezer I purchased from them NEW ... WEDNESDAY. UM.....WRONG ANSWER!

Being in the customer service field at my job and with designing here at home, I KNOW how important PR and CS related issues are and this place STINKS at it! dear husband and I discuss the situation and away he goes to the local, home owned and operated appliance store to see what he can find. AH HA.....almost the same exact freezer but made by a different company for about the same price...and this store has 24 hour service for situations just like mine! They delivered my NEW, new freezer before 10:30 AM, set it up and made sure that it was working properly, helped me transfer everything from the other one into the NEW, new one and even helped get the other one out of the house and onto my husbands pickup truck! Now THAT is service!

So...what do you think my dear husband is doing right now? YEP! Taking the freezer that was new yesterday back to the unmentioned name brand store to get our money back!

What else can I dear husband can be as mean as a bumble bee having a bad day in a field of fresh flowers.....and he is already just a little upset.

I wish them luck with that!


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