Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not been a good week....

Well, other than the freezer saga...which is finally over without any problems from "name brand" store... other things have been going on in the family this week.

My mother's only living brother was in a very bad accident about 5 weeks ago and Monday night I received a phone call from Mom. My dear Uncle lost his battle and is now sitting with Jesus, right where, being of the Christian Faith, I have always known that he would be.

I just returned home from the funeral home and it was not an easy task. Knowing that he leaves a legacy of wonderful thoughts and memories with me as I know he has for the rest of the family as well, make it easier, but it is still hard.

My mother has taken it all well but she has had a hard time dealing with the reality that she and two sisters are the only remaining siblings of 13 children. Right now, I am sad but this too shall pass.


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