Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Do your kids drive you crazy about getting an allowance every week? My son always did and he didn't want to do anything to get it! LOL! When I was a kid, I got 50 cents a week! Now, kids want dollars...lots of them!

My mom got allot for 50 cents when I was growing up. I had to clean my room...every day and help with the laundry and the dishes. I grew up in a rather large town in Eastern Pennsylvania, so when it snowed, I had to help sweep the snow off of the porch and the steps too! Not to mention taking the dog for his daily walk!

My Grand-daughter is so different from my son. She actually wants to help do things around the house. She loves standing on a stool to wash dishes...and I have a dishwasher! She also likes to help fold clothes. She is not real good at it, but I let her go ahead and fold them the best she can and I put them away just the same. Bless her little heart, she just wants to help!

Until recently, she never asked for anything in return, just a hug or a cuddle and a smooch on the cheek. Now, she asks me if I will give her some money if she washes the dishes or folds the basket of clothes! Can't imadgine where that came from...I think she has been talking to her Dad!

So what do you give a child to do all of these things? How much is too much or too little? I want to be able to teach her the value of the money she wants and how to spend it wisely but I want to do it without going broke in the process! I suppose I will figure it all out eventually, but then, I said that 20 years ago when my son was her age!

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Terrell said...

First I used this prompt. Second I like your banner ;) Third, I think the next post should be about music on blogs! LOL I HATE music, scared the bejesus outta me woman! OK going to bed now, as soon as my heart stops pounding lol.