Sunday, July 22, 2007

From the archives...

Now, here is an old photo! This is me when I was about 4 years old! Christmas 1963, I can't remember much about it but this was the year the my Dear Aunty gave me a "Walking Doll".

Yeah, you hold her hand and move her arms and her legs will move...sometimes! But HEY! She was the best thing since sliced bread in those days! Anyway, If you can see it in the photo, I also got a nice little chalk board easel! I loved that thing!

OK..this is "Dolly"! I still have her and she is in the original box that she came in! My Mom wouldn't let me play with her so she sat in a closet somewhere for the longest time. Then, one day, my Mom thought I might actually be old enough to play with her and she let me have her. LOL! Gee, am I glad she kept her put away! Now, she lives with me and I get her out every now and then, like for this photo shoot! I also have about 4 dresses that my Mom made her and they are tucked away in the box with her too! Someday, my Grand-daughter will be able to play with her just like I did!

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Amanda Ann said...

Wow!! What a cool baby doll!! I have a 10th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid that has never been out of the box. :)