Monday, July 23, 2007


What stresses me out? Mondays always stress me out at work because I have an overload of paperwork that must be done from Friday and the weekend. There really isn't much i can do about that because, just work at a steady pace and do as much as I can. When I leave work, i have about an hours drive to get home. Sometimes I can relax and calm the day in the drive but that depends on the traffic and how many other people decide they want to act like idots!!!I think you all know what I mean.

Saturday and Sunday were stressfull for me. Saturday, I took my Grand-Daughter to the Dollar store to get her school supplies...well, my grandson had to go along too! He was horrible while we were in the store!!! Thank goodness my husband was with me to help control, but I will think twice before I decide to take them both again at the same time. Then, I took my Grand-daughter shopping for school clothes on Sunday afternoon and being a typical 7 year old, she wanted everything under the sun except school clothes! Which made me angry because she would not listen to a thing I said and what made me even more angry was that the stores did not even have the shirts that I needed in her size! Everything was either too small or too large. When we finally got home, I was whipped! Will have to go back for shirts - ALONE!

Through all of this, I kept thinking to myself, had this been my Mom and Daddy, I would have had a red butt BEFORE I got to the car. Now I know why my mother always made my brother and I sit in the car with Daddy when we went to the grocery store. She was afraid that she would kill us both before she ever left the produce section!!!

Oh well...I grabbed a cup of Java and sat out on the deck for about an hour before my nerves calmed down and my head finally stopped pounding! What a weekend!

Happy Monday, ya'll!!!


Amanda Ann said...

Oh man!! I can see why you had a stressful weekend. :(

Terrell said...

LOL Wow, I still go through that and mine are older lol. Hope today was better ;)