Saturday, August 11, 2007


Ok...I am still haveing a hard time of it here. Maybe I will have a better chance to think things through while DH is gone for a few days! In the mean time, I have been designing a few things, but nothing that goes together!

I need to have a kit ready by the end of the month, and I am about halfway there. Another one for my Grandson. I am just having a hard time focussing on it with all of the noise around here.
But I did get a few things done and I am happy with them.

I have been thinking about starting on some things for Christmas. I know its early, but the way things are going, it will take that long to get them done!

I actually did send Gloria a RAK this week! Can't say much about that though. I love giving people things and RAK's are GREAT! I just hate being limited to what I can do for other folks! ARGGH!!! Delimia!!! indecission!!!!

Oh well, it will all come together, maybe.....I hope!

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Terrell said...

Sending big, magical, decision maker HUGS your way!! Love ya Lady!