Sunday, August 26, 2007

A lighter note...

Just got back from a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the old homestead. DH and I went to Biloxi and spent the night at the Treasure Bay Resort and Casino. We were celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary! Yep...29 years of wedded bliss! Would i do it over again? YES
With the same man? YES Would I change anything? @$%# YES...lots! HA! But I am sure that he would too!

Anyway, we had a great time. We played in the casino a little bit...didn't win anything, to speak of but it was fun and something that we haven't done in almost a year. The last time we went to this hotel and Casino was on our anniversary in 2005. That was the weekend before Hurricane Katrina hit on Monday. The casino was completely destroyed by the tidal surge of the hurricane and the hotel was not much better. But they rebuilt and I have to say that I REALLY like the new look. It use to be a Pirate Ship that set in the water on the opposite side of the highway from the hotel. Now the casino is in the hotel and it is done in Tuscany. It is really beautiful!

I have photos of the casino before the storm and some photos that I took this morning of the area that I intend to post in a layout soon. I have to get my scrapbooking mind back before I can do that though! I thought of Amanda while I was there! I was standing on the balcony outside of our room remembering the Pirate Ship photos that I have and thought about Amanda and how she would have loved that have to do a layout for her!

Anyway, we had a great little get away and we are home now, mkaing hamburgers and listening to the rain outside. DS took the kids to a birthday party so it is quiet bit I know that won't last long!

Off to wash clothes and get ready for another work week, school week, and fight about doing homework week!


Amanda Ann said...


Super cool!!! I am glad you had a good time. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Terrell said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! So sorry I missed this. I've been so busy ;) I am glad you had such a good time! BIG HUGS!