Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I get too Many!!!!

I am being prompted to catch on up on my blog posts! HA! This one is for you Tammy! I currently get about 6 different magazines. Two of them are non scrapping related and the other 4 are for scrapping and card making. I FAITHFULLY wear out my Memory Makers and my Simple Scrapbooking magazines. The two card making magazines that I get, I flip through but I do not READ them. Every once in a while, I will actually see something that picks my interest and I will actually read it! Southern Living usually stays in the plastic cover....unless there is something on the cover that interest me. Adventurer is actually my husbands, but I do look at it from time to time. Oh- and then there is TURTLE that comes for my grandson and that one ROCKS!!!! We read something in it every night! I keep telling myself that it is more for his benefit than mine but who am I trying to convince? HA!

And WHO can live without the WEEKLY READER???? This one has been around since I was in school and it is another one that ROCKS! We just started seeing this one again since Alana started school.


Tammy Gary said...

I am glad, Carla! After all I only blog because of you! I now read more kids books, too! I havy many favorite kids authors!

Amanda Ann said...

yay for memory makers!!! ;) and yay for finally updating your blog!!! :) heehee