Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a wonderful week!

OK...I have been gone for a week....I took a few days off of the BLOG in order to get some things done during birthday week at 3Scrapateers. OMG!!! What a week we had!!!! We all worked so hard, for over a month before the BIG DAY arrived and it was a complete SUCCESS! We were some FREEBIE GIVING fools...Not sure if anyone realizes the full extent of that comment...but the record keeping is in and we gave away almost, as close as we could get to, $5000.00 worth of coupons, gifts and freebies! WAAAA HOOOOO!!!!! And all of that was to our MEMBERS...we didn't get nothin! I am SOOOO excited about that! WOW! but, alas, all good things come to an end and now it is back to the regularly scheduled program!

Happy Birthday 3Scrapateers Members! You deserved it! I am SO looking forward to the next one!


Terrell said...

there were so many freebies that I got tired of downloading!! That NEVER happens lol. It was great!

Amanda Ann said...

I too had so much fun last week!! I am lobing all the freebies. And I even won some awesome prizes!! 3Scrapateers ROCKS!!!