Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a Winner!

There was one BIG winner at the birthday bash that I do want to mention here (There will be a few more to come)!

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the GUESS WHO contest is the one and only........

Over and above all of the WONDERFUL FREE kits that RRICE won.....She also won
ALL of MY new kits FREE for a year AND
ALL of KIMBERLT STEWARTS new kits FREE for a year!
That was worth sending in a guess for! What did she do to win this prize? Well, we had 25 photos of our FANTASTIC team posted in the forum...all of the photos of us at age 5 and under.
I posted one clue for each person and SHE GUESSED ALL 25 PHOTOS CORRECTLY!!!!!
I will post some more winners as they are announced!
SEE, don't you wish you would have come by and joined in?


Amanda Ann said...

WTG RICE!!! that challenge was a lot of fun. it was nice to see what some of you ladies looking like when you were young!

Rice said...

How cool to see my name here on your blog! That certainly was an AMAZING prize, and I still can't believe I won it!!! I can't thank you enough, Carla! It's gonna be a FUN year!!!!