Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Half and Half for Sept. 20 - 26

I am up again for the Half and Half!!!! And I have made the most lucious Vintage kit for all of you! It's called "REMEMBRANCE" and it comes with a complete upper case, seed bead ALPHA! Now, that may not be very exciting to most folks, but I rarely make alpha's, so it a great thing for me. OH..I must mention here that it would not have been possible at this stage of my game plan except for this little thing my Stacey Carlson called an ACTION! HA! Thanks Stacey for the inspiration and the Action!

So....what is a Half and Half? Half of the kit goes on sale in the 3S store on Sept 20th for $2.00. You can purchase the half kit for that price until midnight on the Sept 26th. Create a layout with that half and post it to the 3S gallery. Once you do, you will get the REST OF THE KIT as the posting bonus! In this case, you are looking at a $6.00 plus kit for just 2 bucks!

Here is the preview of the Half Kit that you will be able to purchase in the store on starting at 10.00 PM EST on Sept 20th. :

Now, this really doesn't look like allot of stuff and I guess it really isn't, but this is what you purchase for $2.00! Now, after you create your layout and post it to the gallery, you will get the rest of the kit as the FREE Posting Bonus. Once you have the rest of the kit.....THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL HAVE:


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Amanda Ann said...

YAY!!!! I can't wait! This is a beautiful kit Carla!!