Saturday, November 15, 2008

Designer Finder Contest!

Ok...Here's the scoop! When I first started digital scrapbooking, there were two sites that taught me everything that I know and these are the two sites that are nearest and dearest to my heart today, 3Scrapateers and Digital Scrapbook Place.

Well, can you believe my surprise when I found out that DSP was having the first ever Designer Finder Contest! WOW! There was no way that I could pass up this opportunity to see if I could actually design beside some of the most elite designers in the industry! So, here I am, pulling my hair out!! LOL!! Well, it's not quite that bad...yet!

Round one... Create a kit....OK, simple enough! Create a kit without using actions and CU items of anykind.....HEH...not so simple! But here it is!

This kit is dedicated to a wonderful person whom I am very proud to call my best friend, Kimberly Stewart. You can find Kimmi's designs at SBE!

If you would like to follow along and see what some of these awesome gals are creating, you can do so here:

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