Sunday, November 23, 2008

On to round 4

I made it past the eliminations and I am on to round 4! This layout is for the first part of the round. I used the kit "Willow" that I created in round 2 and 3 with this wonderful photo of my hubby from Christmas 2007. I love that the blue in the kit brings out the blue in his eyes. It was the perfect photos for this layout.

I have to stop and give kudos to everyone that entered the contest. Some of the gals that did not make it to round 4 really did an excellent job with what they created and I was surprised that a few of them were eliminated. Heh! I'm a little surprised that I made it to round 4!

Next, I create a HERITAGE kit. Didn't I hear somewhere that heritage is anything older than 20 years? It's kind of hard to believe that the 70's and 80's are considered heritage!! Hmmm...but that does give one some food for thought! Actually, I guess if you could consider Willow a nice heritage kit as well.

Well, I am open to suggestions. Heritage is NOT one of my strong points when it comes to creating a kit and this round MIGHT have eliminations. Guess I better get cracking! Deadline is December 4th and Thanksgiving is coming up. Do you really think it is going to take me two weeks to come up with a heritage kit? Well......maybe!!

Until next time!


Lianne said...

Congratulations Carla! I am so proud of you! I knew you'd make it to the next round! For heritage ideas, I would look at other kits - not to copy by any means, but it will give you some ideas. Since you've never created a heritage kit, you'll want to do some research on what a typical heritage kit contains. I'm sure you'll do just fine as you're a terrific designer!

Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Big Hugs!

Tammy Gary said...

I decided to stop by and TAG you! After all I owe you for the inspiration to Blog, LOL, stop by my place and see what's up!
I will stop by and join Scraphead so I can post layouts with your kits you blessed me with as soon as I get used to all the things at SBE! I am also going to do challenges at 3S so I don't have to do all those posts a month as a mod, LOL!
I miss you already! I also am proud of you and wish you the best of luck!