Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Carla Funnies!!!

Sunday afternoon my GD asked if the cat could join her in the back yard. What could it hurt? The cat loves to go out into the yard. So away they went. A little while later, my GD came running in the door yelling for me. "Mawmaw, the cat climbed the tree and he can't get down!"
So, here I go, out the back door to see what I can do to get the cat out of the tree. I ended up climbing halfway up the tree to get the cat...consider that I am 47 and climbing a tree. The whole time my GD and GS are standing on the ground with eyes as big as moons and my GS is in total awe that Mawmaw is climbing a tree. Mawmaw's just don't do things like that! Well, I grabbed the cat and told my GD to go into the house and get her dad (my intention was to hand the cat to him so that I could climb back down without the cat clinging to me like a scardy CAT!)
She goes running to the house yelling, "Daddy!! Mawmaw climbed the tree and can't get down!"

My GD is sitting on the couch pouting over something that she wants to do but knows that she can't. Whine, Whine, Whine...anyone with children can GS walks into the kitchen with the fly swatter in his hand and says to me, "Mawmaw, you need to give her a good swattin' cause I don't want to listen to that!" My GS is three.


Maggie said...

Carla - that's hilarious!!! Mawmaw climbed the tree and can't get down :-)

Meg said...

Good job, Carla!! You made me laugh out loud!! At both stories! The first made me picture the House that Jack Built with kitty, Mawmaw, Daddy, and the firement all up a tree! And the second, well, it's amazing what those little ones pick up, isn't it?