Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It can make you or break you...

This has been the most horrible week!!! ACK!!! There are soooo many stories to tell here and none of them are good stories at all. The one thing that really makes my day is my COFFEE in the morning and in the afternoon. It is totally not uncommon for me to drink two cups before I leave for work, fill a thermos to drink at work(nice place to be but don't drink the water), and fill a to-go cup to drink on the way. I LOVE COFFEE!! I am a COFFEE ADDICT!!!

This week, I have been getting up at 3:30 in the morning, going through the routine of getting ready for work, driving 26 miles to my sons apartment to be there by 5:15 so that I can take care of my Granddaughter so he can go to work. Get her up, dressed, breakfast, teeth brushed, hair brushed and then take her to the hospital to her mom who is staying there with my grandson and then try to get to work too! I take her to the hospital because the school system in Mississippi SUCKS and they (my son and daughter-in-law) have had my grandson in the hospital and haven't been able to get her in school in Alabama because they require a number of things that we can not get our hands on at the moment.

OK...deep breathe...with all of this ripping and snorting to get here and there and be at work too. My coffee has escaped me! My son does NOT have a COFFEE POT because HE does NOT drink it! Can you imagine that? Doesn't drink coffee? What's up with that!!!! Anyway, so by 10:00 my day is ruined because I am falling asleep at my desk for lack of JAVA JOE!!!! So there you have it...It can make you or break you!

Did I hear you ask why my grandson is in the hospital? Well, I won't give the details, but, he got burned on his foot and hand Sunday at my house(a freak accident) and had to go to the burn center in Mobile. They admitted him so that they could sedate him to clean the wounds and he has been there since Monday. This is not good for my HEART STRINGS PEOPLE. That little guy is the light of my life and this happened while he was in my care! So how much do you think I have cried this week?

There is a bright side to all of this..!!!!...He is doing fine, the burns were not deep so no skin graphs or anything like that and when I walked into the hospital yesterday morning, he had the biggest smile on his face and was sooo happy to see me. Needless to say, when he asked me to stay with him, I called in sick!

Where is my husband through all of this? His job sent him back to Maine on Monday! That's alright...he will be home tomorrow!

Goodnight all!


debra said...

Oh Carla, I am so sorry to read this about your Grandson! And especially after reading about your Granddaughter! You all are surely in my prayers and I'm glad to hear he's doing good and that you got to spend the day with him... even with that lousy hospital coffee (take it from another coffeaholic!)!

debra said...

btw- here in MD, if you have "daycare" in that school district, that's enough to keep a child in a school.... maybe that's an option for your Granddaughter :)

Meg said...

Oh Carla! My heart and my caffiene-addicted body are breaking for you! How difficult for everyone! Hang in there and go to bed as soon as you get home from work!

Laura Lou said...

I kept reading and reading until I found out what happened to your grandson, then I wished I hadn't. This will haunt me every time I look after my adored granddaughter. Yes, I CAN imagine how much you have cried. It will pass and I am sure things are better already.