Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Easter Dinner

Since I was a child, Easter Dinner has always been very special to me. After Church on Easter Sunday, My mother would always make the most fantastic dinner for everyone. Ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, peas, rolls, coleslaw. The whole house would be smelling so wonderful! AHH..Well, mom doesn't cook Easter Dinner much any mor, but I have made it a tradition in my family that we have the same Easter Dinner as I had when I was a kid and Mom is always there. Except for this year, Mom decided to visit her sister in Florida this year and she will not be here with us for Easter. I will still cook the Ham and all of the fixings, and the kids will hunt easter eggs in the yard, but mom won't be here and my heart is sad. Guess I'll have to give her a call to chat awhile and see if she can smell tha Ham cooking!

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Anonymous said...

This journalling would make a gorgeous layout.... I can smell that Ham cooking too... if I didn't live in Sydney I'd be asking for an invite
Take Care and have a wonderful Easter